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Understanding Yourself and Your Goals is the First Step to



It's hard for me to fit all my professional expertise and experience in just one definition. I am a coach who helps individuals grow in various areas of their lives and achieve the results they've always dreamt of. 

Throughout the years, I've worn so many different hats of a writer, TV presenter and a producer, hypnotherapist, business consultant, public speaker, reiki master and NLP coach. It only shows how rich my experience into personal development practices is and the increased value I can bring to you, no matter what stage in your life you find yourself to be at. 

In my personal life, labels and definitions are pretty straightforward. I am a happy wife, mother of 4 great children and a grandmother. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, travelling, writing and continuing my personal development at any possible moment. I am also passionate about healthy lifestyle and green living, which I am now incorporating in my business activities too. 


How I Can

Help You

There are so many ways in which we could work together to bring your dreams into reality. If you are still searching for answers on many areas of your life, we can arrange one to one coaching where I will guide you through important experiences in your past, affecting your present. Then we will use that knowledge to shape your future.

Perhaps you prefer to be part of a group with like-minded people, hungry for success and better life quality. You could join my Mastermind programme and the regular workshops we have. 

It's hard to make a decision to work with someone when you don't know them. That's why I want to offer you a free discovery call to get a better feeling of me as a person and a coach. This way we can figure out what would be the best move forward for you.