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© 2019 by Jasmina Papakyriacou Life Success Coach. 


I am what you need me to be on your journey to success

Many coaches have strict definitions about who they are, what do they do and how they can help you. In my case this would be a little challenging. Not because I lack expertise in a field, but simply because my professional experience includes so many different roles that today shape me a true asset to take on your journey to success. Put simply, I am what you need me to be to succeed. 

Everything that I have done and been in my life is because of my passion to help people. I've been a TV presenter and a producer telling inspiring stories of successful people. I am also an author of several books on personal development and successful living. I work with individuals on issues with their self-esteem, relationships and life quality satisfaction. 

I believe in the strong connection between the mind, body and soul. It's hard to be successful in life if you are lacking in one of these areas. Being a vegan, I am very keen on green and sustainable living. Spiritually, I can help my clients defy blocks and see clearly their goals for the future. Together we work on establishing best practices on how to get to destination success. 

The things that make me most happy are being able to help others, time spent with my family and travelling. My core principles, which I also incorporate in my work with clients are: 

  • Knowledge without practice is useless

  • Don't judge based on one side of the story, there are at least two others

  • Great relationships are not given. They are achieved.

  • You don't need to believe in something for it to happen. However, you need to let it.

  • You can always be better, achieve more and feel greater.

  • Nothing heals better than forgiveness.

  • It wasn't a mistake, it was a lesson you had to learn.

  • Love is the greatest Creator and Power we could find within ourselves

  • Life is a story. Are you going to tell yours or talk about somebody else's?

Areas of Expertise
  • NLP Success Coaching

  • Reiki Love and Light plus Reiki Therapy

  • Amma Therapy with Personal Mantra from Mother Amma

  • Ayurveda

  • Entrepreneur Leadership

  • Business Consultancy

  • Public Speaking and Presenting

  • Level 4 Managing Quality services in Childcare and Education settings

  • Master NLP

  • Master Hypnoses-relaxation, Regression (childhood or past lives), Progression

  • Master Result Coach

  • Master Trainer

  • Reiki Certificate